carverswoodshop creations, what is it?

what is carverswoodshop creations, this blog is woodcarvings done by arleen zomer of honey brook pa, arleen has been carving for 30 years, and all carvings are her design, each is hand carved and painted by her, she has sold many santas, snowman on ebay in the past. she carves about 30 - 50 santas every year, using only a knife for her creations, she also has a youtube channel called the carverswoodshop , which she teaches how to carve, its for beginners and advanced alike, you will find over 40 projects to follow, you are also able to purchase cutouts, and patterns, and dvds of her teachings, here in this blog will only be dedicated to her finish woodcarving pieces, feel free to email her at to see if a carving is still availble, once the carving is sold it will be removed from the blog and or sold written in the title, all carvings are signed and numbered , and town, she will continue to add pieces that are available for sale, paypal, checks and money orders are accepted, free shipping in the usa and canada, interenational shipping cost will be determined and paid by the buyer at their expense, thank you