Sunday, July 4, 2010

santa branch guy ornaments, 12.00 each free shipping in the usa and canada,

#1 and #6 is sold thanks arleen
now #4 and 7 is sold thanks arleen

# 6 is sold
hi these ornaments were made from branches around my home, they are signed on the bottom of the carving, all done only with a knife, and painted by me, this is a new carving that i created this year, seems every year i have a new style to add to my carvings, paypal or ck is fine, please email me to see if the number you select is available before you purchase, i decided to only do two photos, for this group, each is 12.00 and free shipping in canada and usa. email me at the thank you for stopping by, arleen
please pick by the number below the carving, also
#2 has no bark on it, i update the numbers that sold the future, thanks